About Us

ChartFill bridges many of the gaps for busy medical centers interested in intelligent medical records retrieval and aggregation. ChartFill’s delivery of digitally digestible clinical data expedites and informs the referral process, saves clinicians valuable time, and reduces cost associated with canceled appointments and diagnostic test redundancies.

The ChartFill platform automatically receives CCD (continuity of care) documents electronically allowing our team to receive digital clinical data from any EMR without ever dealing with faxed or PDF documents.  This unique capability enables ChartFill to easily, rapidly process data in ways that produce informative clinical insight.

ChartFill delivers only the record data requested.  We will never provide a client with hundreds of extra pages unrelated to what was requested.  ChartFill only supplies back that information already deemed relevant to evaluate and/or treat a referred patient.

In addition to delivering requested data, ChartFill also includes a Clinical Summary cover sheet.  This Clinical Summary allows a client to see requested information all on one summary sheet that is hyperlinked and clickable right to the exact page in which the relevant information is located.  This feature drives significant staff time savings meaning more capacity for clinically vital tasks.

Other clear differentiators include the ability for ChartFill customers to experience seamless event matching via access to the Patient iP solution – this includes both appropriateness for transplant and potential patient fit to a recruiting clinical trial – and both of these occur with no additional administrative overhead!

In summary, no other records retrieval service provider can offer what ChartFill does, all at a highly competitive rate and with a team of customer success managers eager to drive unparalleled satisfaction.