Intelligent Patient Record Retrieval

ChartFill Access streamlines and automates access to relevant patient information generated outside of your facility. All requested information is electronically retrieved, reviewed for quality, intelligently indexed, and securely delivered – ensuring a productive patient visit and timely care.

Increase Satisfaction and visibility

  • No more wasting hours contacting outside facilities trying to track down patient information.
  • No more searching through endless files to find what is important
  • No more rescheduling patients due to missing records, imaging, or pathology

Increased Productivity

  • Outsource the manual and painstaking tasks of record retrieval and organization
  • Increase your staff’s patient-centric activities that increase the patient experience and care satisfaction
  • Appoints become more productive with happier staff and patients

Increase Capacity & Reduce Costs

  • Significantly reduce the need for duplicate tests and procedures
  • Full historical patient views are available prior to first appointment, providing a better experience for all involved
  • A complete and organized patient chart allows for immediate visibility and access to the most critical information